Animal Nutrition

A properly formulated and managed nutrition program  is an essential component of today's high-producing dairy cow. While there are many management and environmental factors that can affect on-farm productivity, a sound nutrition program provides the foundation for optimal production, reproduction, health and profitability of the lactating dairy cow.

PDS  has the products, people and services to assist you in formulating the optimal diets for your dairy business. PDS provides a complete line of lactating dairy cow products for you to choose from. PDS can help you find the best product to fit your needs. Our lactating dairy cow products contain the highest quality ingredients available and are formulated to provide optimal nutrient fortification based on the latest research data.

          In addition, PDS specializes in custom formulations that allow the formulation of products that contain the optimal nutrient levels and targeted ingredients that are specific to your dairy herd. The use of custom formulations provides the convenience, quality and flexibility that are needed on today’s progressive dairy herds.