From the initial consultation to the final results meeting, participating in an audit requires minimal time investment on the part of nutritionists and producers.

  • Commitment free consultation
  • On farm audit and brief producer interview
  • Data analyzed and shared with nutritionist
  • Final report presented to nutritionist and producer


At PDS, we understand that every acre, every farm, and every farmer is unique. That’s why each customer is paired with a knowledgeable farm consultant to help unlock his soil’s potential and grow healthier, higher-yielding crops and livestock.

Our consultants understand that everything on your farm is interconnected. With our systems-based approach to farm management, our consultants can help you make agronomic and herd management decisions that bring whole-farm benefits to your operation.Working with our highly trained nutrition specialists, you can:
Test your forages to determine feed value and quality;
Balance livestock rations with our full line of nutrition products for optimum herd performance and health that will generate higher yields and farm profits from both your pastures and forages.


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