Dairy Production


Meeting the nutritional needs of each animal – exceeding the expectations of every owner – is why we work. It is the challenge that excites us, the passion that inspires us, and a promise we live up to.

Animal Nutrition of PDS firmly believes that good nutrition will lead to better animal health and performance that in turn will lead to our customer’s success. We are committed to providing our customers research proven, all natural products that can help them realize their goals.


  • Improved milk yield, 
  • Stable body weight , 
  • Less metabolism disorders, 
  • Higher feed intake, 
  • Persistency in milk production


A dairy cow’s rumen is a sensitive environment that is easily affected by stress, ration changes, changes in forages, management, or environmental shifts such as heat & humidity and extreme cold. Any of these conditions can negatively affect the balance of the natural microflora in the rumen and reduce the cow’s performance. A cow with an imbalance rumen microflora  just doesn’t always feel like eating… and typically a reduction in dry matter intake occurs and lead to decrease in milk yield. This reduction inhibits the cows ability to recover on their own and can cause a sharp drop in rumen pH. Reductions in pH can lead to more serious issues such as sub acute rumen acidosis.

The ingredients in PDS-Buff work to help maintain and enhance the balance of rumen microflora. By helping maintain a better balance, cows fed with PDS-Buff have shown better continuity in eating which helps them maintain better health and Increase in Milk performance Continuosly.


Binds the Mycotoxins very efficiently by forming a stable complex with mycotoxins in digestive tract.
Reduces immunosuppression caused by mycotoxicosis.
Improves overall health & production performance of animals.
Reduces Mycotoxins residues from Milk and Milk products.
Makes Milk Pure-Free from Toxins-Makes HUMAN Healthy

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