Dairy Reproduction

Reproductive performance is a major factor affecting the production and economic efficiency of dairy herds.For the optimal production of both milk and calves, the target is for every cow in the herd to produce a live healthy calf each year, i.e. a calving interval of 365 days. The control of reproduction in the dairy herd is only one component of the whole farm management package, which should be the preserve of the veterinary practice. Since many of the proposed reasons that trace element status reduces dairy cow fertility involve transition cow health and immunity, the trace element status of dry cows is very important for fertility in the following lactation. 

Research has proven time and again that dairy cattle require Minerals and Vitamins supplementation on a daily basis. Sound dairy mineral nutrition helps improve animal health and profitability. Research shows that supplementing lactating dairy cows with highly bioavailable trace minerals offers several benefits to dairy operations:

PDS-HighMin- is formulated with Combination of Organic and Lab grade minerals in which impurities level is very less because lab grade minerals are purest form of minerals.

  • Locked formulas to ensure quality ingredients and consistent nutrition for better Productivity.
  • Complexed trace minerals to increase bio-availability and absorption, improve health, nutrient utilization, hair coat quality and reproduction .
  • High vitamin levels to improve energy and protein metabolism, feed utilization, immunity and overall health to help fight stress in show environments.
  •  Superior skin and hair quality, intake and feed utilization, muscle development, tone, and hoof health.

PDS-MaxMin LR- It is the combination of Lab grade minerals and Vitamins for high absorption and bioavailability, having no wastage due to Purest form.

  • Body Coat of animals will improve.
  • Higher Conception rate.
  • No Silent heat- No Anoestrus Problem
  • No Repeat Breeding.
  • Increase in Milk production & quality of Milk.
  • Improves overall health of animals.
  • Higher return on Investment.

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