Health Monitoring System

Health monitoring system

Dairy Management


We offers livestock farmers the most versatile and reliable identification system in the world.   Our technology is based on decades of experience and close cooperation with farmers involved in the daily practice of farming. These experiences and  our expertise and knowledge of the latest technological developments are combined to create the newest identification tools for dairy cows.

   Separation / Routing
We makes it easy to separate animals or to ensure controlled routing to any desired location in the barn or on the premises. Our Separation and Routing is extremely flexible: incidental or repeated separation, separation per animal or group, separation on the basis of notification alerts, anything is possible! With Separation you create a solid foundation for further growth and improved effectiveness.
  Electronic Concentrate Feeding
Dairy Management system ensures that each cow is supplied with the exact ration of feed at the exact right time. Four different combinations can be used as a basis: milk yield feed curve, lactation days feed curve, feed curves per production group and fixed ration units for each individual animal. The feed curves are set up in a user-friendly manner. This method of individual concentrate feeding is not only very effective; it is also cost-saving.
    Milk Yield Recording

Milk Yield Recording system provides you with exact data regarding the milk production of each individual animal. Based on this information you can steer your business operations in a targeted manner. The milk yield is a crucial factor in the performance of your business and provides you with important indications for management purposes. With Our Milk Yield Recording and Milking Parlour Controllers (MPC) you are equipped with advanced tools for easy and efficient daily business operations.



Don't look for cows - find them!




Heat Detection

With our Heat Detection with Health Monitoring you can manage your herd simple and efficient, whatever the size of your herd is. Simple and with les work you will increase your insemination results, more pregnancy, reduction time of calving interval and less insemination costs. This gives you more profit.



More profit for a long time

  Smarttag Leg or Neck?



See which Smarttag fit's you and you're cows best:
  • Smarttag Leg
Smarttag Neck
  • Smarttag Leg for Heat Detection with Standing and Lying Monitoring
Smarttag Neck for Heat Detection with Eating Monitoring
  • Very accurate heat detection 24/7
Very accurate heat detection 24/7
  • Measured leg movements of the cow that indicates cow's in heat
Measured neck movements of the cow that indicates cow's in heat
  • At least 90% detection rate
At least 90% detection rate
  • Standing and Lying Monitoring detects possible health problems
Eating Monitoring function detects possible health problems
  • Smarttag Leg is easy to attach and remove with the patented leg strap
Thanks to its optimised shape and weight, the Smarttag stays neatly in position at the base of the neck
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