Milk Dispensing System

Untouched Milk:

Untouched milk means milking through milk machines filtered and chilled and there is no intervention of human being and not even a drop of any other substance/adjultration is added in this.

In untouch milking system cows and buffaloes milking is in a milking parlour with the milk meters and milk directly to the bulk milk cooler without the intervention of human hands.

Milk Vending Machine

  • Vending Machine is made up of Stainless steel material  to facilitate hygienic way of dispensing loose milk.
  • Loose milk selling through milk dispensing machine is a new way adopted by the PDS Ltd. The milk dispensing system is systems that dispense the loose milk to the consumers automatically after the consumer inserts the output volume in touch screen.
  • It has direct refrigerated expansion tank for maintaining the temperature of 3 to 4oC.
  • It is operated with the electronic push buttons to control panel and also contain separate buttons for dispensing milk quantity like 500 ml, 1ltr etc.

The milk dispensing machine has a battery charger that provided uninterrupted power supply to machine for vending milk up to three hours.


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