Milk Procurement

Milk Procurement System

Milk Procurement System: the backbone of Fresh Dairy Products

Milk Procurement System is the key factor behind the success of PDS Ltd. We at PDS Ltd are committed to provide fresh dairy product to its consumers.

We procure milk both morning and evening shift. To maintain freshness and quality of milk we quickly bring this milk to nearest concerned BMC/MCC, get it chilled and stored at below 40C. Finally milk is transferred to process plant for its processing and packing.

To maintain & control the reasonable standards of the production, to maintain the quality in the procurement & the processing of the milk & PDS is the best example in this regard. To make milk and milk products as per international standards, milk having high quality need to be procured right from the Farms level; so Farmers have commenced "Bulk Chilling Units" having different capacities to facilitate chilling at the place of production, which has helped to improve quality of milk.

Immediate cooling of the milk leads to stop the growth of the micro organism. So, dairy gets about 90% of Milk having MBRT of 5 — 6 hours due to which we could be able to supply high quality milk in the market.

Integrated Milk Procurement System


  • Automated milk collection system with integrated weighment and milk testing
  • Availability of milk collection records electronically in a central repository
  • Centralized rate management
  • Automatic reconciliation of truck sheet
  • Elimination of manual entries
  • Centralized device management

Tanker Security


  • High Security Padlock: Set of Padlocks allocated to tanker with common key arrangement
  • Vehicle Tracking Unit : An onboard GPS and GSM based controller to track tanker movement and handle intrusion alerts at all points of Inlet/outlets and key transactions.
  • EzyTracking Website: A web based dashboard application for near real-time visibility of tanker, their alerts and MIS reports.

Welfare Program for Farmers

We at PDS Ltd are involved at grassroots with farmers. We provide inputs to farmers and engage with them to support and make their life better though welfare and development programs:

  • Farmer Development Program - Free Veterinary Service and Consultancy is provided to each farmer.
  • Infertility and Health Camp - Every six months, camp is organized in each village, wherever we have established our collection centre for checkup of animals of all farmers.
  • Extension Activity and Awareness Program - We hire educated and experienced team for Extension Activity.  The extension team organizes awareness program for cattle farming agriculture and provide them latest input on various technique to reduce cost of production and increase yield of agriculture crop and milk.  
Fresh milk
Fresh milk is also referred to as full fat milk or whole milk. Despite this, fresh milk is a low-fat food. It is also a good source of calcium. One pint of milk per day will provide children and adults with three-quarters of their calcium needs. Calcium is needed at all ages for bone health.
Procuring and Delivering pure and untouched milk.

Milk procurement play a vital role in modern dairy farm. At PDS procurement processes are controlled and managed at the very grass root level and at the same time with the latest technology. Our practices are completely transparent to our farmer and it also help us to educate and train our fellow farmers about all the process.

The collected unprocessed milk is handled, refrigerated & stored properly and after stringent quality parameters. We transport the premium quality milk with insulated stainless steel milk tanker to maintain temperature conditions of milk. Then tested milk is pumped into storage silo where it is separated ,homogenized and pasteurized.

With complete tests and quality checks , it is finally delivered to milk consumers through our trusted vendors and La'Pure happiness stations.

La'Pure Milk Procurement

  • Milk is procured from different PDFA farms where milking parlours are installed for milking of cows.
    Only healthy cows milk is collected for selling through milk dispensing system.
    Good Hygiene practises are maintained at dairy farm for clean milk production.
    Good feed and fodder is provided to animals for better quality of milk.
    Milking goes through milking machine to assure non-touch of human hands.
    Temperature is maintained at below 3oC at BMC (Bulk Milk Cooler).
    Closed stainless steel tanker is lifting the milk from farms and temperature maintained in between 3-4oC.
    Milk reaches to milk dispensers and where it is maintained to 3-4oC for better quality of milk.
    No usage of any antibiotics, oxytoxin or other injections on animals for milking of milk.
    No adulterations of chemicals.
    No adulteration of water in it.
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