Cattle Nutrition

Healthy Feed for Healthy Animals

We understand the importance of nutrition and its role in animal health,animal productivity and profitability. we are dedicated to manufacturing specialty animal feed supplements that incorporate natural ingredients, accompanied by credible technical information with nutritional support to all our customers and industry partners.  We invest significant resources to ensure our manufactured specialty feed products will provide producers with feed solutions that suit their specific needs.   Our support of independent scientific and nutritious studies confirms that our manufacturing facilities and their processes produce superior animal feed supplements with exceptional benefits to animal nutrition.



PDS-Maxmin LR :- Highly Bio available Lab Grade Minerals

PDS-HighMin :- Combination of Highly Bio available Lab Grade Minerals and Highly Bio available Organic Minerals

PDS Maxmin CR :- Commercial Grade Mineral Mixture  for optimum Health and Maintenance

PDS-Tracemin LR :- Highly Bio available Lab Trace Minerals

PDS-TraceMin CR :-  Commercial Grade Trace Minerals for optimum Health and Maintenance

PDS-Buff :- Scientific Solution for Acidosis

PDS-ToxBin :- Feed safety Solution

PDS-Bergafat :- Pure Vegitable 100% Rumen Bypass Fat

PDS-Fatmin :- 100% Rumen Stable Fat with Anti Stress Formula


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